Why Move to Phoenix AZ?

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Out of all of the major cities in the southern United States, Phoenix has been attracting plenty of new inhabitants and quickly rising to the top of the list of best places to live. It is no coincidence why so many people are choosing Phoenix as their favorite hometown. There are plenty of reasons to love moving to this Arizona metropolis, and plenty of them have nothing to do with the abundance of sunshine.

Here are 12 Why Move to Phoenix reasons:

1. The Weather

While Phoenix has many great attributes, the weather is a major selling point for many people. Throughout majority of the year, this city has beautiful sunny weather. Even the warm summer days are often quite pleasant because the humidity is so low. It is possible to wear a t-shirt throughout the entire year, if that is what you prefer, and rarely feel uncomfortable. This warm and sunny atmosphere not only makes it easier to enjoy the outdoors more often, but can also keep people in brighter and lighter spirits.

2. Affordable High Quality Housing

Phoenix has both low property taxes and less expensive homes for sale as compared to many areas of the country. These two factors make housing in this city both affordable and attractive. Not only can homes be purchased within the suburbs of the city at lower rates, but luxury homes. You could find a home that is considerable larger, or has better amenities, but comes at a much lower cost than properties in other cities. This is one of the reasons that, even though the housing market has been struggling, Phoenix continues to see growth and expansion.

3. Wide Selection of Golf Courses

Why Move to Phoenix - Because it is the golf capital of the world!Why Move to Phoenix - Because it is the golf capital of the world!

Since Phoenix is a haven for outdoor activities, it's no surprise that golf has become one of the favorite pastimes in the area. With over 200 golf courses available in Phoenix, you can practice your swing any time of the day. Thanks to the game's popularity among the people living here, Phoenix has been given the distinction of being the “Golf Capital of the World” by the National Golf Foundation.

4. Professional Opportunities

During a time when finding employment isn't exactly easy, Phoenix offers an exciting number of career opportunities. Many different large companies are based in the city, including AMEX, Motorola, Intel, Microhip, Banner Health, as well as many others. This factor may contribute to the fact that the population of Phoenix enjoys a higher average per capita income than the average for the rest of the country. Working in Phoenix is often considered much more enjoyable because it is such a spacious area. The commute to and from work, and the ease of finding parking, make the entire experience much less stressful or frustrating as living in other larger cities throughout the country.

5. Arts, Crafts, and Entertainment

One of the things people don't expect when you mention Phoenix is the fact that it's home to a number of museums that house beautiful arts and crafts. Two come to mind – the Phoenix Art Museum and the Heard Museum. The Phoenix Art Museum was first set up during the 1930s as a WPA project. Since then, it has amassed a total of 17,000 art collection. The Heard Museum on the other hand pays tribute to the city's Native American heritage by showcasing Native American art from jewelry, dolls, and even a replica of a traditional Navajo home. Several popular shopping centers including specialty stores in nearby Scottsdale, mean you may never need to shop online again. If you enjoy the performing arts, here you will find the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, Broadway Muscials, Youth Symphony, Arizona Opera and a world-class ballet company. Some of the top names in the music industry play at the US Airways Center located in downtown.

6. Outdoor Activities

Why Move to Phoenix - Biking at South Mountain ParkWhy Move to Phoenix - Biking at South Mountain Park

Phoenix is certainly the place to be for nature lovers. Whether you simply love being outside, or enjoy getting exercise by partaking in outdoor sports and activities, it provides everything you could possibly need. You have your choice of nearby mountain ranges and bodies of water. There are plenty of great trails for hiking, horseback riding, or mountain biking. If you are interested in skiing, snow-topped mountains are just a short drive away. Of course, you can also enjoy a day at the lake boating, fishing, or swimming, or enjoy one of the many world-renowned golf resorts. There is no excuse in this town for you not to lead an active lifestyle.

7. Fantastic for Families

When choosing a place to live, you always must think of your future. If you plan to raise children, Phoenix offers one of the best choices in terms of raising a family in a larger city. It has low crime rates, excellent school systems, and affordable universities. It is also a very sports-oriented town, with every popular variety represented, and provides great opportunities to get your little ones involved with a team.

8. Great Location

When the entertainment and activities around the Phoenix area are not enough for you, there are many other exciting locations that are just a short distance away. Driving 2-3 hours north puts in Sedona, Prescott, the Mogollon Rim, and Flagstaff which are worlds different than the lower desert of Phoenix. Because of their elevation gain you will find green forests. Additionally, locations such as California, Mexico, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon are all easily within driving distance of the city. The price of airfare is also remarkably low when flying out of the city. You can typically find flights to Los Angeles, for example, for approximately $100.00.

9. Excellent "Staycation" Opportunities

Why Move to Phoenix - Phoenician Resort in ScottsdaleWhy Move to Phoenix - Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale

Due to tight budgets, families are limiting their vacations and travel these days. This is not a problem for families in the Phoenix area, largely because of the plethora of world class resorts just around the corner. Some of the top Five Diamond resorts in the world are located right here, including the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, The Phoenician, Arizona Grand Resort and the Boulders Resort just to name a few. When your hometown is one of the premiere resort capitals of the world, it is very easy to orchestrate a short much-needed getaway, even if it is only for one or two days. These resorts put you right in the lap of luxury, with golf courses, spas, heated pools, massage services, and many more lavish amenities.

10. Excellent Nightlife and Community

This town includes people in a wide range of age groups, but most residents share a few commonalities: they are low-key, laid back, and love life. The entire city has a very relaxed and lower stress atmosphere. By day, enjoy a more casual business and office experience, and at night enjoy some of the best entertainment and food in the country. There are plenty of fabulous and unique culinary opportunities throughout the city, including every type of style and variety imaginable. Whether you are looking for dinner and a show, southern-style cooking, or the fine dining experience, you will find it all in Phoenix.

11. Home To A Number Major Sports Teams

For sports fanatics, Phoenix offers a number of teams from different sports that you can catch live or on TV. If you love baseball, you’ve got the Arizona Diamondbacks. Basketball fans can enjoy catching the Phoenix Suns at the US Airways Center while football fans can root for the popular Arizona Cardinals during NFL season. Regardless of what your favorite sport is, Phoenix has a number of teams you can watch in person or at home.

12. Situated Near The Beaches Of Mexico

For those who love going to the beach, you'll love the fact that Phoenix is located near the beaches of Mexico. One popular destination is the beaches found in Puerto Peñasco, located 170 miles from the city. This makes Phoenix closer than other cities such as Austin, TX, or Charlotte, NC.