Paradise Valley Single Family Homes - History and Trends

Year Avg
Sold Price
Avg Sold
Price Per SqFt
Number of
Homes Sold
Avg Days
on Market
$1,800,553 $342 289 151
2016 $1,663,241 $341 342 160
2015 $1,706,251 $338 358 149
2014 $1,613,765 $329 350 151
2013 $1,619,812 $313 371 134
2012 $1,348,289 $274 390 156
2011 $1,312,314 $259 395 183
2010 $1,463,531 $262 324 194
2009 $1,711,110 $304 241 219

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Why Paradise Valley Is So Special

Paradise Valley, AZ is Arizona’s most affluent and exclusive community, and the residents like it that way. Paradise Valley is home to several beautiful golf courses, hiking and riding trails, sweeping mountain vistas and some of the most awe-inspiring homes in all of the southwest.

Located near the bustling metropolis's of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Paradise Valley has built a reputation as the place to live for those who want and appreciate the best life has to offer.

Each home here is a work of art, and the privacy and security of the residents and their property is of the utmost importance. For this reason, many entertainers, politicians and sports figures call Paradise Valley home.

Paradise Valley has 12 luxury resorts that dot the community. Because of Paradise Valley’s reputation as a resort destination – as well as the relative affluence of its residents – the quality of the amenities and entertainment options found here are well above what you would expect from a community of 14,558 people.

The Amenities in Paradise Valley, AZ

The people of Paradise Valley have slightly different definition as to what qualifies as an amenity. To many, just living in Paradise Valley is an amenity, and in a sense, they are correct. Paradise Valley residents have fiercely defended what they consider their way of life since its inception. In fact, it was to protect the privacy and quiet they considered precious that the town founders incorporated the town in 1961.

They set strict rules governing housing density – one house per acre minimum – and severely limited commercial development. In fact, there are rules governing the amount of lighting a home can have and prohibiting new construction that obscures the skyline. This means that residents of Paradise Valley always have privacy, quiet and an unobstructed view of the Sonoran Desert, Camelback Mountain, Mummy Mountain and the Phoenix Preserve.

Paradise Valley is a true residential community, and to many, that is the number one amenity associated with living here. Of course, sometimes you want to do more than just sit on the porch and stare at the mountains.

For those moments, you have several options. Actually, you have 12. The 12 resorts of Paradise Valley do not only cater to their short and long term guests; they also offer the locals a place to enjoy fine dining, shows and other events. It’s also possible to use their facilities for things like horseback riding, tennis, hiking and, of course, golf.

Paradise Valley Golf - Simply the Best

Paradise Valley is home to some of the most beautiful gold courses in the state.

The Mountain Shadows Golf Club is a 3,081, par 56 course. It is located in the foothills of the Camelback Mountain.

The Paradise Valley Country Club Golf Course is a 6,800 yard, 18-hole course designed by Lawrence M. Hughes in 1954. It offers a challenge to players of all levels.

The JW Marriott Camelback Inn offers two 18-holf golf courses: The Padre and the Indian Bend courses. The Padre course is a challenging 6,903 yard course full of mature trees, bunkers and water hazards. The Indian Bend course is a bit friendlier par-72, American links course.

Finally, there is the Stonecreek Golf Club. This links style course features several water holes, speedy greens and rolling fairways.

If golf is your game, you will have ample places to practice in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Where to Live in Paradise Valley, AZ

Paradise Valley is full of opulent, beautiful luxury homes. As mentioned, most all lots are at least one-acre in size. This provides you ample space between your neighbors. While each home is unique, and there are many individual homes that have been around since the community’s founding, there are several planned communities in the area.

Some of the more notable communities are:

Mountain Shadows offers a security-manned gate. It is the home of the aforementioned Mountain Shadows golf course as well as year-round pool and fitness center.

Clearwater Hills and Finisterre are also gated and secured communities.

Sunburst Farms is an excellent equestrian-based community in Paradise Valley.

Judson Estates is considered among the finest of Paradise Valley planned communities, and the homes here must truly be seen to be believed. Each is a quintessential example of all a luxury home can be.

These are just a few examples of the communities in Paradise Valley. There are many more and each is unique. I suggest that if you truly want to experience all Paradise Valley has to offer, you take a trip to see it all for yourself.
Paradise Valley, AZ has great views of Mummy Mountain and Camelback MountainParadise Valley, AZ has great views of Mummy Mountain and Camelback Mountain

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