Gilbert Real Estate Trends : Single Family Homes

Year Avg
Sold Price
Avg Sold
Price Per SqFt
Number of
Homes Sold
Avg Days
on Market
2016 $313,429 $140 5,450 59
2015 $295,219 $132 4,995 65
2014 $282,201 $130 4,618 70
2013 $270,366 $120 4,725 48
2012 $221,700 $99 4,997 61
2011 $190,492 $85 5,153 82
2010 $207,856 $92 4,616 78
2009 $222,775 $98 4,273 77

  • The average sold price of a Gilbert single family home has increased by 5 percent over last year. The market has been increasing since Jan 2011.
  • Inventory has been dropping rapidly.
  • Prices are continuing to increase.

Gilbert -- "Ranked as One of the Best Places to Live in the US"

Heralded as a top 50 place to live as well as the safest municipality in Arizona, Gilbert remains a great place to raise your children. With mountainous escapes only an hour away, those "get me out of here" months of July and August will be much more tolerable. And as everyone says "It's better than a cold-n-gloomy winter."
Gilbert is somewhat renowned for its bike trails as well as its dog parks. There is plenty to do for the active homeowner in and around the area. World class golf courses, spas, salons, restaurants, museums, and more are there to enjoy.
Gilbert has a population of 188,000 and has seen that increase by 71% in the last 12 years. When you couple that with a very low unemployment rate - people are not only staying, they are bringing in their relatives to live in Gilbert.
Even with all that growth, Gilbert still manages to keep crime very low and it clearly outpaces Maricopa County, as a whole. Gilbert also gets high marks for its highly accredited schools.
If you're looking for a more conservative, family oriented community that embraces traditional values, Gilbert is the place for you.

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