Chandler, AZ Real Estate

Chandler Single Family Homes - History and Trends

Year Avg
Sold Price
Avg Sold
Price Per SqFt
Number of
Homes Sold
Avg Days
on Market
$356,888 $166 1,188 51
2017 $343,813 $158 4,409 54
2016 $322,355 $149 4,603 64
2015 $300,721 $140 4,029 64
2014 $287,978 $134 3,680 65
2013 $274,078 $126 4,103 48
2012 $231,231 $104 4,434 62
2011 $199,441 $89 4,710 80
2010 $217,459 $98 3,901 81
2009 $231,908 $105 3,666 78

  • The average sold price of a Chandler single family home in 2017 increased by almost 6 percent over 2016. The market has been increasing since Jan 2011.
  • Inventory has been dropping rapidly.
  • Prices are continuing to increase.

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All statistics are based on data from the MLS from 2013-present

Why Living In Chandler, AZ is the Right Choice

Chandler is one of the most desirable suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. With many companies calling it home, to highly accredited schools, Chandler has been a top choice for relocation in Arizona, as evidenced by its more than 35% population growth in the last 12 years. With a population of just over 240K, Chandler has something for everyone, even the defectors from the big cities like Chicago and New York: World class salons, bars, restaurants, golf courses, beautiful parks and innumerable outdoor activities await the new Chandler home buyer.
If you are looking for abundant sunshine, close proximity to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and world-class amenities, Chandler is the place for you!
Many US and Canadian snowbirds have second homes here in Chandler. Let me help you find a home here!

Real Estate in Chandler, AZ vs. the rest of the country

Chandler Real Estate prices have been going up and have surpassed the country average. Chandler has many amazing opportunities for home buyers looking to find a bigger home as well as snowbirds looking to escape their winters. Many cities have been affected by the recession, yet Chandler has outperformed the country averages by more than 20%!

Chandler Economy

Chandler was ranked #10 by Best Places as most fiscally fit. In this recession, even governments have been drastically affected. Chandler has been able to stave off the systemic degradation of government funding that has impacted other cities.
Chandler also has one of the better telecommute offerings in the country. Ranked #15 by best places, this alternative has become more and more attractive to the workforce.
Chandler's cost of living is a bit higher than the rest of the country. (Best Places)
The unemployment rate in Chandler is much lower than the national average and recent job expansion is up as well due to Intel's presence and the stable government.

Chandler Culture

There is so much to do in Chandler. From the world-famous Ostrich Festival, to the museums, art galleries, and the outdoor activities, Chandler offers many educational and art locales for the culture seekers. Many of the Northern transplants will find plenty to do, while forgoing the brutal winters of their birthplaces.

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